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You Can Do A Work Visit?

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

When you cut out insurance from the way you pay for primary healthcare, you become flexible and accessible in how you can deliver that care. Case in point, today I was able to see a patient of mine at his work. I spent over 90 minutes going over his history, his medications, examining him, and talking about his business. In addition to all that, we were able to sit down together and come up with a care plan that works. At the end of his visit we started looking at the cost of his medications – one medication, ranolazine, medication used in the treatment of heart disease/chest pain, the patient’s insurance was charged over $1600, of which he paid $330 every three months. We found we could order him the same medication through one of our medication suppliers at a price of $105 for three months supply – this saved him $900 every year – which is the equivalent of his membership to the practice. So for clarity, the savings on one medication paid for his entire year of membership - and he was able to get high-quality primary care. This is how we make healthcare affordable. This is how we change the system.

-Dr. Weaver

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